The College of William and Mary

The College of William and Mary, one of the nation's oldest colleges, is home to one of the first Coast Guard Auxiliary campus programs in the country. Graduates have gone on to distinguished Coast Guard Auxiliary service, law and graduate school, the private sector, non-profits, and active-duty military.
Current students actively work to complete their program of study while working underway on safety and security patrols, in internships focused on Coast Guard and Homeland Security strategy, and have the opportunity to participate in the Washington-based DC Summer Institute and earn a minor in Marine Science. Learn more about what makes the Coast Guard Auxiliary at The College of William and Mary unique.

Opportunities at William and Mary

Maritime leadership capstone opportunity available only for William and Mary students (minor is declared through the school).

Summer internship opportunity in Washington, DC available only for William and Mary students.

Founded in 1693, William and Mary traces its roots to America's early colonial days.

Just east of campus, William and Mary students take advantage of training opportunities and on-base facilities.

Unit Contact Information

Unit Officer
Lieutenant Nick Zieser

Unit Leader
Seb Meekins

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